Panda algorithm and what to watch

google pandaOriginal content and a ban on copying texts from other sites!

What Panda algorithm does, is to monitor the plagiarism on the Internet. Using this algorithm Google finds out to what extent your texts are personal work and not copied from other sites. As in our real life, we are interested in unique things, the same principle applies to Google which ranks first sites that differ from the rest of the Internet (based on content).

The texts you post, whether they are descriptions of products, services or news must always be as unique as possible. Depending on the percentage of copied content from other sites, your site loses its reputation and  it goes to a rear position.

On & Off-page optimization - what you need to know?

on off page seoAs you can see in the picture, both optimizations are parts of a whole thing. They go together and to understand the power and importance of each one of them, please keep on reading.


On-pageOn-page or what we can see is that part of the site which visitors perceive . Each page has its main title, indicating the topic of the page and it is the most important part of it. Google considers this title to be the marker which determines under what searches, your search engine must show it. This tag in the source code is marked as . This title is displayed in the browser tab. Almost always it coincides with the visible page title, which can be a product name, category or menu which you have chosen. It is the criterion for a well-made and working page.


SEO Optimization

Increase your sales by 3 climb at TOP of Google's most sought-after keywords.

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Аdditional options

Website redesign

A new look of your website. Sell more with a new online store or website.

Websites maintenance

Expertise and experience, which you can rely on.

  • Updating the site
  • Troubleshooting