on off page seoAs you can see in the picture, both optimizations are parts of a whole thing. They go together and to understand the power and importance of each one of them, please keep on reading.


On-pageOn-page or what we can see is that part of the site which visitors perceive . Each page has its main title, indicating the topic of the page and it is the most important part of it. Google considers this title to be the marker which determines under what searches, your search engine must show it. This tag in the source code is marked as . This title is displayed in the browser tab. Almost always it coincides with the visible page title, which can be a product name, category or menu which you have chosen. It is the criterion for a well-made and working page.

In addition to the title, there may be subtitles to help cover a greater number of keywords, which can be useful for rating the page. All visible titles of the page should be marked with <h> tag in the code. The main and most important titles should be the smallest number <h1>, <h2> or <h3>, and the other headings a larger number <h4> ... etc ..

If you are a user unaware of html code, do not worry. All CSM systems, Joomla, Worpdpress, Magento and others are optimized to have perfect pages to Google. You just need to write properly selected title product, service or menu, and everything will be fine.

Another important factor for a good-looking page is, it should not be done with just a few lines of text and pictures! Google shows results which are useful for consumers, so search engine shows in the results more complete and more detailed pages on the first positions. Content is the most important thing, in the future it will have more and more direct (google will better understand the text) and indirect importance (users will share this information, which will improve off-page optimization). There are no specific requirements for the number of words, pictures or videos, which must be contained by a page. More importantly, it should be understandable and readable by users.

And a little more information about on-page optimization .... A site does not always consist of several pages. There is a rule that Google respects - it is how deep on the site is each page situated. In other words, if some information is too deep on the site, you should click your mouse over several times to reach to it. Therefore this page is considered to be less important on this site and it would not be ranked easilyat the forefront. Therefore, more categories, services or products should be visible on the first page. The information on the site must be arranged so that users can reach to it clicking on the mouse fewer times. But of course, there should not be a huge amount of information on the front page. Everything must be structured and arranged so the navigation can be done easily. Caution: use your content only and do not copy from other sources. To find out more read about Panda updates to Google.


this title is marked as


What lies submerged or which is the invisible part of seo optimization. You might ask the question - 'Well, if every site was made as it should in terms of on-page optimization how Google considers them qualified for various positions?' The answer is: Google analyzes looking at linked sites and recognizes what sites link other sites. Thus links are summed and sites with more links to them go ahead in the ratings.

These links determine the power and authority of each site or in other words their Page Rank. Unfortunately this Page Rank is only available to Google and is no longer displayed publicly. The information that can be seen is a picture from the end of 2013, which does not present new sites.

What you should know about these links is, not all of them are beneficial. Links generated artificially can harm your site and it is ranked low. This is why it is good to read about Penguin updates of Google..

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