google pandaOriginal content and a ban on copying texts from other sites!

What Panda algorithm does, is to monitor the plagiarism on the Internet. Using this algorithm Google finds out to what extent your texts are personal work and not copied from other sites. As in our real life, we are interested in unique things, the same principle applies to Google which ranks first sites that differ from the rest of the Internet (based on content).

The texts you post, whether they are descriptions of products, services or news must always be as unique as possible. Depending on the percentage of copied content from other sites, your site loses its reputation and  it goes to a rear position.

In a large site that has many products, news or content, it is likely it has non-unique information. This should not bother you as long as this information is in a small percentage (5% -10%). The larger the percentage, the more diminished the power of the site.

Many sites have imposed the rule, if someone copies their content, they have to put a link to the source. This is the right approach, but unfortunately often not respected by users. Realistically there is no way this information to be protected from copying on the net. However, there are ways to make it difficult.

That is why it is better to track your texts that are unique, and to protect the photos which are yours with a  watermark.

Checking for unique texts is done through programs that can be found on the Internet. The all use the following principle: taking sentence by sentence and checking on Google, whether it is contained in this exact form on other sites.


"We manufacture electronic components for navigation systems"

This sentence is copied and put onto google search,  surrounded by double quotes "..."

if you get the message:

No results for за "We manufacturing electronic components for navigation systems".

- It means that the text is unique

In most cases it is enought to check one sentence from a paragraph.

It is good to know that "spinned" text (sentences in which individual words are replaced by synonyms) is recognized by Google and it should not apply.

The Viking monitors what content is published by its customers and takes care their site to meet the Panda algorithm reqirements.


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