ERP, CRM and custom softwareOrganize your business in a better way

Go to a higher level in the management of human and material resources!

ERP, CRM и специфични софтуериDevelopment of the software necessary for your company or corporate activity. We will research all the specific needs that your work require. We will develop software that is useful for you and will increase your efficiency. Trust our professionals and we will do our best for you.

You can count on us for:

  • consultation on logic and planning processes
  • full assistance in commissioning and training on new software
  • updating and improvements, where necessary
  • protection of personal data
  • setting levels of access and authorization

You will improve your business:

  • building clients profiles database, including contracts, accounts, payments, etc.
  • optimization of orders by tracking performance, time, cost, profit, etc.
  • information on financial flows - payments, payables, cash, planning, etc.
  • human resources management, tasks, planning time and increasing productivity
  • management and implementation of innovation projects: performance monitoring, organizing workflow
  • data storage, access levels and protection