Overall internet advertising

Google AdWords +  facebook 

Let Internet users to know about you!

Цялостна Интернет реклама

Imposition of your brand amongst Internet users. Promoting your identity. Displaying products and services of your business.


Advertising in Google AdWords

Organization of advertising on Google:

  • creating advertising campaigns
  • cost optimization
  • set daily limits
  • hourly intervals when ads can be seen
  • tracking advertising positions
  • monthly analysis

Advertising in  facebook 

Advertising in the largest social network:

  • attractive positions, reaching a large audience
  • maintaining a facebook page
  • Analysis of results
  • increasing the number of followers on your page

SEO optimization

Реклама theviking.eu/seo-optimization

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Redesign Websites

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A new look of your website. Sell more with a new online store or website.

Maintenance of a websites

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Expertise and experience, which you can rely on.

  • Updating the site
  • Troubleshooting